Warm Water Therapy

To Heat up Your Creativity

Warm water therapy has been regarded as legitimate for a very long time. In fact, when they compared different heat therapies they found that therapy using warm water gave far better results than using heat generated from an electric heating pad.

We don’t have to go into the technicalities to appreciate the benefits we feel from soaking in a tub of hot water. All we have to be aware of is that warm water seeps deep into our muscles soothing away soreness and easing tension. The warm water therapy method I’m outlining for you is more than mere soaking but the same principals apply.

Our mind is closely linked to how our bodies feel.

The healthier we feel the more our minds are able to concentrate on the task we set for ourselves. Creativity is especially linked to how we feel physically.

Even if we feel lousy we can still push ourselves to complete menial tasks. Actually there are times when, if we get immersed deeply enough in what we are doing, we will forget how bad we feel.

Trying to be creative when we aren’t feeling well can be more of a strain than a relief, however. If we push ourselves in these cases it can lead to wasted effort or worse bring on even more tension than when we started.

Warm water therapy can relieve a great deal of discomfort

I’m not going to pretend that warm water therapy is a miracle cure for all your ills. But I will stand by my belief that combined with some gentle concentration it can make you feel a whole lot better. Sometimes even a fraction of relief can make your outlook so much brighter that you’ll be itching to get to your project.

Warm water therapy isn’t just for when you don’t feel well

Just so I’m not giving the impression that warm water therapy should only be used when you don’t feel well, let me emphasize that using the warm water therapy method I’m going to give you can be used at any time you want to revitalize yourself.

You can use this technique if you want to settle yourself and become calm. It has extra benefits if you want to get yourself ready for some heavy concentration. It’s also excellent for releasing your subconscious which is instrumental in tapping into your creativity. If you do the warm water therapy right you’ll be so relaxed your subconscious is going to work overtime for you.

Warm Water Therapy Relaxing Technique

The best application of this technique is if it’s used in the shower. You can put the same technique to use in a bathtub or hottub, but neither of these can duplicate the flowing water sensation which is central to this practice.

Set your shower to be warmer than you may generally have it, but take care not to make in uncomfortably hot. The shower stream should be heavy enough to form a steady stream of water but not be harsh. Comfort is the optimal goal in warm water therapy.

Stand with your back to the shower so the water is hitting you from behind. Let the water soak from the top of your head – flowing down your neck – flowing down your shoulders – flowing down your back – flowing down your buttocks – flowing down your legs – flowing across your feet – and – flowing away.

Obviously some water is flowing down the front of your body as well but for the first part of this you’re mainly concentrating on the water flowing down the back of you.

Feel the water from the top of your head all the way down your skull, feel it down your neck, across your shoulders, down your arms, hands and fingertips, flowing down your back, over your buttocks, your thighs, your calves, your feet and away. Feel it flowing down each part separately, then begin again from the top.

Smooth, warm, flowing, water. Concentrate on this across each section of your body.

As you feel it flowing, feel it seeping in deep. Relax each part as the water flows over it. Concentrate only on the water flowing over each part of you, how warm it is, how each body part is relaxing one part at a time.

It’s important to keep your mind focused on the flow of water. Don’t let other thoughts intrude, if they do gently push them away and begin to concentrate once more on the water flowing from your head to your toes, each part relaxing.

Turn and do your front. Mostly you’ll find you want to concentrate on your back. We tend to ignore the front of our bodies when we think of relaxing and these muscles can become quite tense and deserve a break too.

Begin with the top of your head, feel the warm water flowing, your scalp relaxing, your forehead wrinkles smoothing out, relax your eyebrows, your cheeks, relax your jaw. Actually our faces are probably the most ignored part as far as relaxing goes and is the absolute most tense part of our body.

Continue with your throat, shoulders, chest, stomach, abdomen, genitals, thighs, shins, feet and away.

Bask in the flow of warm water, your mind thinking of nothing else but following the flow of water. The water warming you through to your insides, every cell feeling the respite from the world.

Stay under as long as you like, or until you use up all the hot water. If it starts to get cool, step out and dry off.

The theory that works so well here is combining the warm water with concentration – that makes up the warm water therapy part. The two together make this technique of warm water therapy powerful in its simplicity. Leave this method exclusively for calming your mind and body. If you want to generate ideas in a similar setting, make it different in some way.

In order for warm water therapy to work to its full potential you need to keep each method separate and apart from another method. Your mind and body begin to learn what you are asking from them in different situations and it becomes easier and faster to get the results you are after.

Warm water therapy has endless benefits and is so easy and safe to use it’s a wonder we don’t make better use of it. As you begin to get familiar with the methods of warm water therapy you will find more ways to utilize it to increase your creative potential.