The Power of Passion

Passion is that which burns inside us after everything else is lying flat and bland at our feet. Passion can make you walk one more mile when you are certain that mile will kill you, and passion still sparks after you have walked that last mile and found nothing at the end of it but more road.

We are all passionate about something. It can be as quiet as relishing a sunset or as forceful as running a marathon. We have all felt it at one time or another. You are literally infused with energy, you look forward to the next challenge even if it stands in the way of your main goal. All the barriers you cross only reinforce how important this one single thing is.

When you use passion in anything you create you will find it holds a special affinity with the world it is flung into. If you listen to music very carefully you can hear the passion the artists have put into it. It’s alive. It reveals much more than the notes and words that are being played, it glimpses into the souls of the people who created it.

If we want our creating to reflect the impression that we care about what we are doing we need to be passionate about it. If you want your imaginations to dreg up ideas that you will find not only useful but meaningful become passionate about your subject. You can’t fake passion. You have to feel it genuinely.

Think back to a time when you simply had to accomplish something. It didn’t have to be important to anyone but you. It was something you were absolutely dedicated to accomplishing no matter what the cost or even the reward. It can be something simple, something everyone else seemed to reach so easily yet you struggled with it.

Remember back to when you had to learn to ride that bicycle, or pass your driver’s test. You were willing to put in whatever effort was necessary. It didn’t matter how many times you fell off that bike or how many parallel parkings you had to do using garbage cans till you finally got it right; no matter the neighbors thought you had lost it hours ago and were getting ready to put the nut wagon on speed dial. These things were so important to you it didn’t matter what anyone thought of you or your methods, you were determined to accomplish them. In the end you thought of the way that would make them work for you. That is the true power of passion, it sustains you, energizes you, feeds you. Your imagination works overtime to help you find the very thing that can make you reach your goal.

That is the passion you bring to your brainstorming session. That is the enthusiasm you infuse your imagination with. Get excited about what you are creating. Put passion into your work. Truly give of yourself. Fulfill your passion.