Finding a Nurturing Environment

for the Creative Curiosity Man Exhibits Naturally

Finding a nurturing environment for the creative curiosity man exhibits naturally is likely one of the best ways to stimulate creativity that you will ever lay down for yourself. The thing to remember is whatever you do you are trying to set your curiosity to active mode.

When we think of setting up a nurturing environment for being creative, we zero in on the act of actually creating something and focus our efforts on making that time and space ideal. So your workplace may be perfect, but if that is all you are looking at, you won’t have quite enough. We neglect the parts we need to stimulate creativity inside us. We need to rev up our creative curiosity and to do this we need to look much further out.

To stimulate creativity you must activate it.

Man is by nature a curious creature. He is constantly questioning and analysing everything around him. He is also economical to a fault, only using what bare energy he needs at any given time. That extends to his mind. After you have been in the same environment for some time your ability to notice details goes into automatic mode. If there isn’t anything out of the ordinary going on you don’t notice details around you. Your mind automatically registers your surroundings as ordinary, or safe, and filters any details into a ‘don’t pay attention to them’ section. Your natural curiosity becomes dull. You can drive home from work and not notice how you got there. You’ve turned off your natural curiosity.

It is this natural ability you want to hone and the way to do that is to make a conscious effort to practice using it. Forming a habit of noticing what is going on around you is truly a nurturing environment for the creative curiosity man naturally owns, the one you need to stimulate creativity.

When you go on vacation or see something new your curiosity is automatically activated. You’re pumped up and notice everything going on around you. You see, touch, taste, smell, and hear the tiniest things, your brain records everything because it’s new.

How much better would it be to have your curiosity working for you all the time?

If you make a conscious effort to notice your surroundings, your curiosity will be turned on. Wherever you are, whatever you do notice details around you. Notice the weather. Notice it fully, just how cold and wet is it? Did it make you shiver? Was the sun warm enough to soak through your clothes and warm your skin? Did it seep deep inside you? How did you feel? Is the brickwork intricate on that building you pass every day, you know the one you work in?

It may seem boring and unimportant but really notice little details around you. How the sun reflects off different objects. Hear the noise people make milling around a doorway when they’re waiting to get in. Notice what people are wearing. Notice individual people, don’t see them as a crowd. In short…

…Notice Everything

When you begin to make a forced effort to see details in everything you are training your mind to be awake and alert. You’ve switched on your curiosity button. The more you apply your effort the more your mind will see. You will begin to notice details the average person ignores, and details most people don’t notice at all.

The world is a vast and exciting place, right where you are, right at this very minute. Use all your senses to wring the last speck of excitement from it. Pretty soon all these details will help generate sparks for ideas.

The way to implement a nurturing environment for the creative curiosity man needs to stimulate creativity is to use his natural environment. The one that is around you every single day. Nurture that environment by deriving every last bit from it that it has to offer. It’s really all you need.